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  • Capacity

EMAS Center has been accredited by the BoA, Ministry of Science and Technology granted accreditation certificate ISO 17025: 2005 (VILAS 1100) and General Department of Environment, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment granted certificates of eligibility for environmental monitoring services (VIMCERTS 220).


Certificate of Accreditation ISO 17025:2005 (VILAS 1100)


Certificate of eligibility for environmental monitoring services (VIMCERTS 220)

Staffs at EMAS Center are doctors, masters, engineering with high education and qualifications. They have many years of experience in chemical and environmental field. Experts and staffs at the center have capacity for measurement, analysis and sampling activities.

EMAS Center constantly improving and changing technology to improve accuracy of the test targeted at customers, ready, dedicated support, bring the highest satisfaction to customers upon request.

  • Facilites and equipment 

- Laboratory system was built into three rooms: Physicochemical Analysis Room, Microbiology Room, Microanalysis Room.

+ Physicochemical Analysis Room is equipped with modern equipment: Ultraviolet–visible spectroscopy (UV-Vis), Water distillation machine, Centrifugal machine...


Microbiology Room is fully invested in equipment as well as strict compliance with conditions for microbiological analysis such as UV lamp, passbox, avoid cross-contamination between sites.


+ Especially Microanalysis Room has Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry System (GC/MS) for analysis of pesticide residual such as: organochlorine pesticides, organophosphate pesticides and Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectroscopy System to analyze metals in water, solid, mud, sediment.


EMAS is equipped with modern equipment, high accuracy for monitoring, sampling, field measurements such as TESTO 350 Portable Emission Analyzer, HQ30d Portable Multi Meter, Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter, pH meter, Multi-function climate measuring instrument (temperature, humidity, wind speed) Testo 435....


Portable Emission Analyzer TESTO 350 


Portable Multi Meter HQ30d