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Areas of operation of Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Center include:

- Environmental monitoring: sampling, field measurements, analysis of environmental quality (soil, water, air, sludge and sediment...)

- Consulting sevices: 

  • Consultancy for preparation of environmental monitoring report; Reports on environmental impact assessment, environmental protection plan and other environmental dossiers as prescribed; Development of adaptation scenarios/scenarios for environment adaptation to climate change;
  • Register the waste generator, hazardous waste, discharge report, report on ground water exploitation;
  • Consultancy, design, construction waste gas treatment system, waste water, solid waste.
  • Construction medical solid waste management plan for local, action plan to reduce the harmful of medical solid waste 
  • Consultancy, design, construction, operation and maintenance of waste water treatment system-supply and drainage system in the house and outside the project;
  • Consulting, carrying out analysis and qualitative, quantitative and quantitative risk assessment (QRA) reports for projects;

- Training

  • Training in environmental protection activities for environmental managers in localities/enterprises; certificate issued by Ton Duc Thang University.
  • Training on short-term/intensive courses on environmental protection on orders.

- Science and technology services

  • Tools, management solutions, science, technology and techniques to prevent and control sources of environmental pollution; to overcome pollution, to deal with the environment in labor, to improve the quality of the environment and the living conditions of the people;
  • Environmental protection measures linked to climate change response; biodiversity conservation and sustainable development of ecosystems;
  • Evaluation and recognition of technologies, products that are applied and effective in environmental protection